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Black Holes Encyclopedia

Activity: Exploring Black Holes

What is a black hole? How do astronomers find them? What's an event horizon? Take your students on a quest for these answers in a new set of activities. Students use this site, as well as real and current data on supermassive black holes as they work through these activities. Download the PowerPoint presentation and four movie files to reinforce your instruction.

Grade level: Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy

Activity File (8.1 MB pdf)
Science Standards (61 Kb pdf)

Additional Downloads
Student Journal (76 Kb pdf)
News Flashes (44 Kb pdf)
Black Hole Claims (68 Kb pdf)
BH_candidate_matrix (136 Kb pdf)

Please download the PowerPoint and four movie files. Make sure that all these files are in the same directory (or folder) on your computer hard
PowerPoint (6.8 MB)
Four movie files (4.2 MB) (3.4 MB) (4.8)
STScI_blackhole.mpg (3.4 MB)