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Black Holes Encyclopedia

Shedding Light on Black Holes

StarDate: Black Holes Encyclopedia is an extension of the research and public outreach efforts of Karl Gebhardt, a University of Texas astronomer, and StarDate Online. It is designed to provide a solid overview of black holes and details on the best-known individual black holes for the general public.

Over the coming months and years, we will expand our directory of black holes, provide the latest news, and update the "basics" as astronomers learn more about these fascinating objects. We will also bring you black-hole highlights from popular culture, ranging from movies and books to music.

This site is made possible by grants from NASA and the National Science Foundation.


Principal Investigator
Karl Gebhardt

Co-Principal Investigator
Sandra Preston

Damond Benningfield

Doug Addison

Additional Writers
Bradford Behr

Special Graphics
Tim Jones, Andy Mattern

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